Privi $TRAX Token Deep Dive

To provide our beloved community a trustworthy resource about all things $TRAX, we have compiled all information about the tokens utility, its launch, and the token economics with all of the relevant links in this article.

Key token contract information:

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BEP-20 token address for $TRAX: 0xD09d8D172dBB6b9209b1a9F8f7A67a6F1F99244a

PancakeSwap $TRAX/BNB pair address (BSC): Link

Liquidity locked on Unicrypt: Link


DexTools: Link

Privi $TRAX BEP-20: Link

PooChain: Link


Key token economics information:

  • Total supply: 100m TRAX
  • Launchpad supply: 10m TRAX
  • DEX liquidity: 7m TRAX
  • Platform rewards: 41m TRAX
  • Team: 22m TRAX (24 months)
  • Privi Foundation: 20m TRAX
  • Launchpad and PanCake listing price: $0.035/$TRAX

Launchpad event:

  • 10% of total supply, 10m $TRAX
  • 5% TGE unlock, vesting over 3 months linearly
  • Initial market cap: $17.5k
  • Initial circulating supply: 500k $TRAX

Initial DEX pair on Pancakeswap:

  • $200k of liquidity locked with Unicrypt (LINK) on Aug 10 = $100k TRAX and $100k BNB

Bot Protection Measures

We’re going to protect $TRAX token buyers from the front-running bots as they can significantly influence the price of freshly listed tokens. We will prevent the bots from dumping on humans by burning the tokens bought by bots. Here’s how it will work:

  • Before the Pancakeswap listing, we’ll turn the anti-bot protection ON.
  • Please don’t buy the tokens while the anti-bot protection is ON — all the tokens purchased during this period will be burned
  • We will send a notification on our Telegram and Twitter once the bot protection is turned OFF.
  • After that, there is a dynamic limit placed to hold away sniping bots and the project team advises to not buy much higher than 1 BNB charges
  • After the Pancakeswap listing, we will post an announcement on Twitter & Telegram
  • Slippage is subjective and will depend on price action, we do expect great demand, so it will be advised to set it a little higher

About Privi Trax

Privi Trax is decentralized music streaming application, launching as one of the first apps in the Privi Zoo, the decentralized app store of the Privi Ecosystem.

Privi Trax was built to give power back to the people who deserve it the most — artists and their biggest fans. Privi Trax allows artists to earn more than what they do on traditional centralized streaming services, aims to reduce piracy, and allows listeners to earn alongside their favorite artists. Privi Trax can be described as a mix of a decentralized Spotify with DeFi functionalities.

Select features:

  • Web and Mobile music player
  • Music DAO
  • High Yield Options
  • Song and App Staking
  • Pods
  • Claimable Music

Privi Trax as dApp will be governed by holders of the Privi Trax ($TRAX) token, available on PancakeSwap from August 2021 after launch on several launchpads (Ignition, BSCpad and Safelaunch).


The best part about this? Privi Trax isn’t just a whitepaper, in fact, you can now sign up to join the Privi Trax waitlist to be one of the first listeners — or artists — on the platform by getting early access. Click here to learn more, and join us inside Privi Trax!

The Privi Zoo, a decentralized app store, is now live! Privi is a collection of decentralized social built-in one powerful ecosystem.