How to Claim Vested $PIX Tokens from the Launchpad Events

In this article we will cover how to claim vested $PIX tokens from the launchpad events on Ignition, TrustPad, Safelaunch and MantraDAO/Zendit after Aug 27th — scroll down for details or go here directly:

85% of launchpad tokens are vesting over 3 months and the unlocked part is ready to claim every 10 seconds.

How to claim your $PIX tokens

In the meantime, you can already claim your vested tokens from the launchpad events on Ignition, BSCpad and SafeLaunch directly via our webportal on or directly through BscScan.

Remember 15% of your purchase was directly distributed at TGE by the launchpad on August 26th 2021, 85% will be released over a period of 3 months, every 10 seconds, with the last portion vesting on Nov 24 2021 — you can claim any time now, throughout the period and after.
The vesting will update every 10 seconds — meaning on Aug 27th 4pm UCT and 10 seconds you would be able to claim only 10 seconds of the full 89 days distribution — on August 28th 4pm UCT you would have one full day worth of PIX claimable (1/89*85%)

Claim from the Privi Zoo webportal with your Metamask wallet from your web browser (note, best to do this on desktop over mobile)

Step 1:

Navigate to from your web browser

Step 2:

Connect your Metamask wallet

Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and sign on your Metamask popup

Step 3:

Click ‘Claim Tokens’

Step 4:

Confirm transaction in Metamask popup

Wait a minute for the transaction to confirm.

Aaaaand.. THAT IS IT!

You will see your $PIX in your wallet and on the web portal.

Direct smart contract claim from BscScan

BscScan the most widely used Binance Smart Chain explorer and currently supports Metamask and WalletConnect for direct smart contract interaction.

Step 1:

Navigate to BscScan from your web browser

Access the BscScan contract address from your web browser.


Step 2:

Connect your Web3 wallet

Connect your Web3 wallet by clicking on “Connect to Web3”

You need to connect the address you used for the launchpad sale.

Once approved the bubble would show green.

Step 3:


You can now use the function
“1. ASelfClaimToMyWallet” by clicking on “Write”.

You will have to confirm the claim request in the popup from your Web3 wallet.

Aaaaand.. THAT IS IT!

We will make staking options on the Privi Exchange portal available.

Stay tuned!

Please do your own research, we can show you a guide but you are ultimately responsible for doing your own research and the actions you take.

Beware of scammers and stay safe!

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