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Welcome to the social metaverse. Privi is the first end-to-end blockchain network built for the creator economy.

Netscape, AOL Instant Messaging, ICQ, Dial-Up Modems, and Napster. Do any of these conjure up any meaningful memories from your life? If so, welcome old-timer. I’ll give you a moment to grab your reading glasses, and adjust your seat cushion — because you are not a part of Gen Z (we still love you though).

Gen Z is generally accepted as the group of individuals born after 1996 (but before 2015) — which means, by the time the earliest Gen Z’ers were starting their earliest years in elementary/primary school, the world had already entered Web 2.0.

**Cue the dial up-internet…

“I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man”- Jay Z

Paris Hilton might just be the world’s first influencer. She is the self-proclaimed inventor of the selfie, after all. She even served as the mentor of (at the time) up and comer Kim Kardashian, who was able to turn herself into a full-blown social media brand, and that brand, into a business empire. If you’re amongst the crowd that thinks that she has no talent and is only famous for being famous, here’s 1 Billion reasons why you might want to re-think your position.

Thanks to the possibilities of Web…

The Privi Blockchain System at a Glance


  • Privi is a user-owned, decentralized network
  • Privi is built on a blockchain (HyperLedger Fabric) that optimizes both transaction speed and cost for the user
  • Privi is highly compatible with other blockchains (for example Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Ripple…)

Imagine this…

What if you could stream music by the second? And only pay for what you listen to?

What if you were paid your salary every second, as opposed to once a month?

This is a nascent technological advancement, and because Privi was one of the first to solve it with actual use cases, we think we get to coin the term.

We call it, asset streaming.

Asset streaming is the ability to stream money on a second-by-second basis to someone, as opposed to paying weekly, or monthly.

For example, what if you paid Netflix every second — vs…

Blockchain technology exploded onto the scene a decade ago, but just because we have discovered fire, does not mean we know how to control it.

This narrative will change in the 2020s. For two main reasons:

  1. Social networks are outdated, with decentralized social networks, thousands of millionaires will be minted as opposed to a handful of billionaires (…looking at you Facebook). It will begin with creators (the lifeblood of any social network), who will slowly realize they are getting a poor deal despite putting in the work that actually makes these networks worthwhile. The decentralized nature of blockchain-based social networks…

Social tokens are an emerging category of digital assets backed by the reputation of an individual, brand or community.

If you’re sitting there thinking…

Huh? Please come again?

Then grab a cup of coffee and settle in, and let’s chat about what social tokens are. We promise this one will go down smoother than that cup of coffee in your hand, even if you’re a complete crypto newbie.

The basic idea is this: writers, streamers, bloggers, musicians, artists, photographers, online creators, and basically anyone who is part of the creator economy can mint a personal digital asset (i.e. …

Thanks to the online world we live in, content creators of any kind can upload and share their content, garnering thousands of views, likes, listens, and shares.

But as an artist or creator, with the exception of exposure, what is the benefit of sharing?

We need to ask ourselves — are we getting the best deal? Are creators, who put in the work, capturing the most value? Shouldn’t we, the sharers and consumers of content, financially partake in virality?

Enter → Digital NFTs

NFTs mean Never Facebook Things. Facebook, or any Web 2.0 legacy network for that matter, rob money…

The sustainable mico-tokenized offering created for communities and their followers.

Most of us belong to some sort of online community.

We enjoy connecting with like-minded people and find value in helping one another grow as individuals and as a collective unit.

Unknowingly or knowingly, along the way we develop a collective consciousness with our community.

To date, this collective consciousness inspires productivity, knowledge, and camaraderie. But is this process handicapped? How could we make our communities more productive?

Now let’s park on that thought for a moment.

What if you could tokenize this collective consciousness in a way that would…

TL:DR: Liquidity pools with PRIVI solve several key limitations for the crypto ecosystem, while at the same time, give the internal tokens in the network greater utility.

Benefits to Liquidity Providers

PRIVI Liquidity Pools solve several problems in the current crypto ecosystem.

Most of the solutions of liquidity in crypto come with the restriction of having liquidity in liquidity pools composed of pairs of tokens. Then, an AMM (automated market maker) is used to determine the price of change by looking at the supplies of the two tokens in the pool.

This approach comes with several big problems:

  1. Impermanent Loss

Pods are a novel functionality of Privi. They are social and financial spaces that generate crypto tokens, for virtually anything.

Think of Pods as an online gathering space that allows you to advertise and sell virtually any asset to an entire network. These assets can be physical, digital, or even based on desires or use cases.

At the sub-level, these assets can be physical or digital in nature, for example, a piece of property or a digital video, or they can be desires or use cases. …

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